This podcast isn’t about me and yes I know  "your names in the title, dude”...and yes you will learn about me because I tend to talk a bit...I get caught monologuing quite often just ask my wife. It’s really about the conversations I have with my guests and our dialogue about the shared experience we all have with those defining moments that shape our lives...our breakthroughs and the breakdowns that tend to precede them and how we can, perhaps through sharing, learn to better navigate the next one on the path ahead.

but, for the sake of those wondering who the heck I am and the advise of some trusted advisors, I thought I would provide an “about” section.

Over the last 15 years I have spent most of my time being married to an amazing woman and raising 3 beautiful kids as well as working as an actor on commercials as well as scripted and unscripted TV shows.

In a recent trip with a group to Las Vegas a friend lit a small fire under my butt that grew into what became this podcast. I hope you enjoy it.