Guest: Entrepreneur - Brittany Murlas

“Is it possible to have a single word be both your favorite and least favorite at the same time?

Feminist is THAT word for me.

What started initially as a catchy word to draw traffic for my new company, Little Feminist, has changed my life. And has tested me to my core.

Rarely does a day go by that I don’t get messages from customers of my monthly children’s book and activity company filled with warmth, love and appreciation only to be followed by others filled with anger, disrespect and hatred. And all because of this eight letter word.

I believe in the definition of feminist, ‘Someone who supports equality of the sexes’ more than its etymology. Because that “fem” in the word feminist brings the assumption that it’s just about females.

It’s not.:”

This is a quote from the beginning of an article my guest Brittany Murlas published on MEDIUM .com recently.

Brittany is helping to turn the idea of Feminist boys and girls into a growing trend as Little Feminist appeared in New York Times article suggesting books.

Our interview drills down on the what and why of and the passion that drives it. We discuss the BREAKTHROUGH she had in creating the company as well as her personal life.

Jordan Murphy