Guest: Chiropractor & Holistic Healer Dr. Keasberry

On today's episode I drill down on the work of Dr. Claudy-Ann Keasberry D.C., N.R.T.P., who is one of only 450 US practitioners who practices Nutrition Response Testing at the advanced level. Dr. Keasberry is also a certified Reiki practitioner who uses both her knowledge of Nutrition and Chiropractic to successfully treat her patients.

Originally from Amsterdam, Holland, Dr. Keasberry  began her practice in 2001 at AdjustMe Chiropractic in Somerset, NJ where she became one of the East Coast’s leading practitioners. Dr. K’s passion for travel and world culture soon brought her to sunny Southern California where she established a new Nutritional Healing Center in Santa Monica. Later she joined Dr. Cindy Clayton in her Los Angeles Nutrition Response Testing/Chiropractic Center and has now taken over the highly successful practice as the Keasberry Health Center.

As a former professional Jockey, Dr. K is an avid Equestrian enthusiast with an equally enthusiastic joie de vivre.

Jordan Murphy