Guest: Michael Trucco


Michael Trucco

He may look familiar because his IMDB page is a mile long. Trucco is the definition of "working actor" Best known for his series regular roles on Battlestar Galactica and Netflix's Disjointed

Exactly how to overcome fear:

It’s been said that the cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek. To most people it sounds like an old cliché. However, in reality our fear petrifies us even when what we want is right before our eyes. This fear is real, and we must first recognize it, before we are able to effectively conquer it.
In this episode of Breakthroughs with Jordan Murphy, we are introduced to Michael Trucco;  an old-time friend, successful actor, and real example of what it takes to overcome fear.
His story began like most aspiring actors in their career - SLOW. However, unlike most in the industry, Trucco continued to pursue his passion despite the lack of desired success. He knew there were bigger opportunities in LA, however Michael was struck with fear about the move from his home in Northern California. It wasn’t until he decided to finally make that move to LA, try out for an audition he didn’t feel very confident about, and overcome fear, that his career began to see success. After some reflection, Trucco is now able to share from experience the secrets to building confidence and overcoming fear in life!

How high do you set the bar?

In the famous words of Dr. David Schwartz, “Fear is why so many people accomplish little and enjoy little”. The old saying that “it’s all in your head” might be true. However, the manifestation is as real as it gets. Fear stops people from capitalizing on opportunity, it makes people sick, and it keeps you silent when you want to speak.
In Trucco’s story, we learn the reason his career was stagnant for so long was because his fear allowed him to set his sights too low. Trucco only ever pictured himself as the guy in the “extra”… It wasn’t until working on set, he overheard background actors boasting about getting their shoulders seen in the final cut of the tv show, that he realized he needed to overcome fear and raise the bar for himself.

The truth and the trick:

Trucco raised the bar, he succeeded, and his story is a living testimony that the size of our thinking is in direct correlation with the size of our overall success. As Trucco puts it, “you have to take the risk to go after what you want". "Jump in the deep end of a cold pool!” When Michael decided he wanted more and acted on that passion, he aligned with his purpose in life and everything took off. The truth is people set the bar low for themselves because they are afraid of failure. They want an excuse for when things don't work out quite as planned. The trick though, is learning how to overcome fear, and you do that by taking action.

Taking action will overcome fear:

 To overcome fear, you must face it and take action. As simple as it may sound, it can be immensely difficult at times. However, this perception of difficulty can largely be traced back to mismanaged (memories/thoughts) believe it or not. When we are faced with fear and do not take action, it’s mainly because we lack the confidence in ourselves to take the action or take a chance for a desired result. This lack of confidence is subconsciously supported by past (memories/thoughts) we hold onto that demonstrate a lack of ability. When you are afraid and frozen, the subconscious is recalling (memories/thoughts) of when you felt like you failed or weren’t good enough. Tricky thing is…it’s hard to realize that DURING the emotion of fear. However, something must support your belief causing you to not take action. This support can only come from experiences you’ve had, instances you can relate to, and (memories/thoughts) you can recall whether conscious or not.
The Beauty is that mismanaged (memory/thoughts) can be managed with the following two steps:

  • Deposit only positive thoughts into your mind.

  • Withdrawal only positive thoughts from your mind.

Force yourself to recall memories in which you succeeded and proved to yourself being adequate or even better extraordinary. This is the foundation that your subconscious will use to build upon. You will then build confidence and be able to take the action necessary to overcome fear and experience what you desire. Trucco's story teaches us that when you take that leap of faith, when you take action on what you want, great things will begin to unfold for you.

Jordan Murphy