Guest: Kate Somerville

Kate Somerville

Kate Somerville

Finding alignment with your purpose in life

Although you may not realize it, we all have a purpose. Few people find it early, others later on, and most question their idea of it throughout their life. Interestingly enough though, achieving alignment with your  purpose in life may not be as difficult as we think it to be. In this episode of Breakthroughs with Jordan Murphy, we are humbled with the pleasure of hearing from Kate Somerville. A mother, successful entrepreneur, and a prime example of what it takes to find alignment with your purpose in life.

Finding your purpose in life starts one step at a time

Kate’s story of finding her purpose in life began as a child. She struggled with the skin condition eczema. This suppressed her confidence since she couldn’t feel comfortable in her own skin. However, everything changed for Kate the moment a mentor of hers shared some advice. Her mentor said, “you can choose to be miserable, or you can choose to get up and do something about it”. This alludes to a necessary element when achieving alignment with your purpose in life: taking the first step. After a series of “first-steps”, Kate found massive success through her Kate Somerville skin care product line.

Kate says that baby steps are what helped her move forward. When you have the guts to say this is what I’m asking for, what I want, and I’m going to get it, then everything unfolds naturally. Alignment with one’s purpose in life will come naturally. This hints at a key facet that makes the Law of Attraction work. You can’t just visualize what you want, you must have the guts to go after it! And this all starts with taking one step at a time-consistently. Kate’s story teaches how cultivating patience and being authentically grateful will help you to continue taking the next indicated action.

Lessons learned to achieve alignment:

Although Kate reached success, she did not feel like she had truly achieved what she was meant for until she learned several other valuable lessons. These lessons, acted on through her business, allowed Kate to truly find alignment with her purpose in life.

  • Compassion - Kate say’s “if it’s not real and doesn’t work, then I’m not endorsing it”. Be authentic and show compassion by helping people.

  • Service - We all have a gift that can be shared and can never be taken away- knowledge. If you can help someone with something you know, then do it. Kate has helped millions of people transform their skin.

  • Surrender - Kate learned that by surrendering to your feelings and acknowledging them, you can learn and grow through them. Breakdowns happen for a reason, it’s what you learn and how you breakthrough that matters.

Live in alignment with your life purpose:

After truly learning what it takes to surrender, feel compassion, and genuinely give service, can you find alignment with your purpose in life. However, this isn’t something that you demonstrate just a couple times. To find alignment with your purpose in life, you must make this your lifestyle, absorb it, and live it every day.

This change demonstrated in you will be reflected back through your experiences in life. It took Kate several years, but she soon discovered that healing people was her purpose. Helping individuals become confident in their own skin is what drives Kate, and when she found alignment with that idea, everything unfolded! Be grateful for where you are, find alignment through service and compassion, and watch your life unfold as you find alignment with your purpose in life.

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