Guest: Disaster Relief CEO of CAN-DO.ORG - Eric Klein

No one defies stereotypes or clichés about aid organizations more than Eric Klein, CEO and founder of CAN-DO.

Klein’s track record cutting through red-tape has produced lasting results in disaster stricken areas in the United States and around the world.

He started CAN-DO in 2004, after being personally frustrated watching big-name organizations collect millions of dollars in donations, but not showing results. Klein decided to take action. He cleared his personal savings account and hopped on a plane to Sri Lanka to see how far his money could stretch to help survivors of the devastating tsunami.

In just three months on the ground in Sri Lanka, Klein was able to remove debris and complete full sanitation clean-up in several villages along the coast. Klein also created sustainable solutions for survivors by rebuilding local shops and restaurants, as well as a community drinking well and playground in the area of Mahamodara.

Jordan Murphy